Enjoy Beer: Craft In Illinois

Craft in Illinois

Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, home to The Windy City, Crime Dog Extraordinaire Scruff McGruff, and Blues Legend Muddy Waters, is a rich cultural and historical hub of the United States. Now, with over 80 breweries and counting, Illinois’ growing craft scene is an exciting addition to the long list of reasons to love Illinois. Be sure to check out these 3 standouts!

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The Numbers, The Warriors, and The Plan

Choosing a DistributorThe contract is ready, you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your lower-case J’s, and you are poised to send your beer to a new territory, but before you sign on the dotted line, it is integral to develop a remarkable sales and marketing plan. You can read part 1 of my “Choosing a Distributor” series here.

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The Art of Pairing Jerky and Beer

FCB Brews collide with Mountain America Jerky to create a unique and fun tasting experience!

The times when food was only paired with wine is long gone, lucky us! As the craft beer scene explodes so does pairing hand crafted brews with everything from artisanal dishes to cheese boards, truffles and even gourmet meats like Mountain America Jerky! The FCB staff set out to find the perfect pairings of our core brand beers with handmade jerky ranging from exotic and game meat to fish jerky!

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The DC Beer Movement: Craft in Our Nation’s Capital

DCWashington D.C. known to the world as the capital of America, home to Congress, the House of Representatives, and all that other stuff I can’t seem to remember from History Class. “The District”, as a symbol for our great nation, has long been associated with freedom, justice, and democracy. In recent times, DC has been making a name for itself in another movement that has made America so damned great…Beer.

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Training Day: 4 Takeaways from a Beer Sales Ride-Along

King Kong ain't got sh*t on my sales team!I recently had a ride-along with our Colorado Sales Manager and she taught me a great deal about selling beer. Here are some strategies I picked up and here is why everyone at your brewery should take a day to see how the sales team gets it done.

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