Training Day: 4 Takeaways from a Beer Sales Ride-Along

King Kong ain't got sh*t on my sales team!I recently had a ride-along with our Colorado Sales Manager and she taught me a great deal about selling beer. Here are some strategies I picked up and here is why everyone at your brewery should take a day to see how the sales team gets it done.

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Crab Cakes and Craft Beer: Maryland’s Beer Destinations

Tap_Room_CrowdunionThis blog post is special for me because I grew up in Maryland. I have so many great childhood memories from my time in “The Old Line State”, watching Cal Ripken play at Camden Yards, cheering the Ravens on for their first Super Bowl win, and days fishing for crab under the bridge near my house. Sadly, and quite obviously given I was under 21, none of these memories involved the robust beer culture of Maryland. I am excited to go back to my roots albeit briefly, to examine the new flavors of my home state. Here are some Top Notch locations for Craft Beer lovers in Maryland.

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Choosing a Craft Beer Distributor Part I: Research

ChoosingA Distributor You’re a new brewery. Your taproom is flooded on weekends with eager beer drinkers. You have expanded in your local market and have received copious praise from tastemakers and local influencers. From the looks of things, your brewery is ready to expand to a new out-of-state market. Before you jump the gun, there are many factors to consider before diving into a new territory.

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What is Your Perfect Pair?

SpongeBob and Patrick Best FriendsThe Perfect Pair: Two things, enjoyed at the same time, can be one of greatest pleasures in life; good weather and BBQs, skis and fresh powder, music and dancing to name a few. Today our focus is on Beer and its ability to complement what we love. Let’s face it, this magical libation pairs harmoniously with so many wonderful experiences. Continue reading